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Roo with Sweet Potato Mash


(Serves 5)
• Sweet Potato
• Kangaroo Meat Steaks
• Asparagus
• Peppercorn sauce mix


Boil a pot of water. Add chopped sweet potatoes to water with a pinch of salt. Once potato has softened, set to one side and keep covered. Add meat to pan on medium heat. Once the roo has started to brown, add asparagus. Whilst these are cooking, mash potatoes. Place the peppercorn sauce mix into microwave. Cook on high heat for 40 seconds. Cook roo until done to liking. Add mashed potatoes to plate in a neat manner. Finely cut the meat into delicate slices. Place gently on-top of potatoes. Lay the asparagus on-top of the roo. Drape the peppercorn sauce over and around the roo.

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