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Wagyu Burger


1kg Wagyu Mince
4 Doncaster Tomatoes
3 Polish Dill Pickles
300g Swiss Gruyere Cheese
1 Cos Lettuce
Whole Egg Mayo
Good Quality Tomato Sauce
4 Brioche Buns
French Butter


Step One
Kneed and work the mince with salt and pepper until a paste like consistency is achieved. Make 4 250g patties and cook for 5-8 minutes on both sides. Preferably on a BBQ hot plate

Step Two
While the burgers are cooking slice the cheese, tomatoes and pickles. Wash the lettuce and tear the leaves to a size appropriate for the size of the bun.

Step Three
When the burgers are almost ready put 3 – 4 thin slices of the cheese on the burger and allow to melt.

Step Four
While the cheese is melting, spread some butter on the bottom half of the bun and some mayo on the top half.

Step Five
Once the cheese has melted, place the burger on the bun, spread some tomato sauce on the cheese, layer on some sliced tomato, then the pickle and lettuce. Place on the top of the bun and enjoy.

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