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Fish Taco




500 gms x Monk Fish

1 bottle Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

1 cup of self raising flour

1 litre of canola oil


½ savoy cabbage finely sliced

½ red cabbage finely sliced

½ red onion finely sliced

Juice of one lime

½ cup of coriander



1 cup of Kewpie mayo

3 tbsp green tobasco

2 tbsp liquid smoke


½ pineapple peeled, cored and sliced into ½ inch thick rings


Combine Sierra Nevada and flour in a bowl. Whisk until no lumps are left. Set aside to rest for 15 mins.

While batter is resting, combine all slaw ingredients together except red cabbage. Combine red cabbage just before serving.

Mix all sauce ingredients together and set aside with batter to allow flavours to develop. Play with smoke/Tabasco if recipe doesn’t float your flavor boat.

For the pineapple, get a griddle pan/BBQ/fry pan real hot and chuck on the pineapple rings until both sides are caramelized but not burnt.

Heat canola oil to an ideal frying temperature. Best way to test is by using a spare piece of battered fish. If the fish begins frying with a strong bubble as soon as it hits the oil, you’re in business.

Fry battered pieces of monkfish in batches until all are a deep brown and crispy. Drain on kitchen paper, plate up and place on table along with all of the other taco fillings and heated tortillas.

Eat that shit.






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