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Spanish Stew


(Serves 8 )
• Olive oil
• 2 big red capsicums (roughly chopped)
• 2 big red onions (roughly chopped)
• 4 cloves garlic (sliced)
• 2 chorizo sausages (sliced)
• 800 grams/1 kg pork shoulder (cubed)
• 1 fresh bay leaf
• 1 bunch of parsley roughly chopped
• 1 tub of sour cream
• 2 ½ good sized tbps of quality smoked paprika
• 3 tins whole tomatoes
• 3 cups of chicken stock
• Glass of dry white wine

Fry the chorizo in 1 tblsp of oil, they leak out a fair amount oil/fat themselves so don’t over do the oil. Cook until they start to crisp. Take them out and leave on paper cloth to soak the oil/fat. Next, seal the pork in the remaining chorizo oil until they gain a little colour, take out and drain on paper cloth. Slowly fry all the vegetables in a couple of tblsp of olive oil. As they begin to soften, put in the paprika and continue to fry for another 5 minutes or until the vegetables are nice and soft and the aromatics of the paprika begins to fill your little nostrils. Put the rest of the cooked ingredients back into the pot and the bay leaf. Then add the wine and fry off the alcohol. Then add the tomatoes and stock and bring to the boil. Once at boil, crush the tomatoes and leave, covered, to simmer for about an hour and a half or until the liquid is reduced, a nice stewey consistency, and the pork is falling apart.
I served this with polenta, which I find rather difficult to perfect the consistency of as is hards so quickly, but you can also serve with with rice. Finish off with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of parsley on top.

This is adapted from a recipe from Nicholas Jamieson.

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