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Salad Niscoise


(Serves 4)
• Bunch of butter lettuce
• cherry tomatoes halved
• green beans, in thirds
• capers
• Boiled eggs, quartered
• Tinned tuna in oil (preferable Sirena)
• Kalamata olives
• Basil leaves chopped
• Roast potato chips (these could be boiled if you prefer)
• 100 ml Olive oil
• 30ml Sherry vinegar
• half lemon juiced
• 2 garlic cloves
• Salt & pepper
• Baguette
• Butter

The key to a good salad recipe is that quantity is not the essence. Throw in a bit of this, toss in some of that. As such I have not quantified my ingredients list. Some people like more beans than others, some just don’t likes olives, so pick and choose and alter this recipe to your requirements. But the basic gist is a simple, clean and fresh nicoise salad.

First of all, you much roast the potatoes. Peel and chop them into little chips/triangles, then roast them in the oven on 180 degrees until brown. Set aside. Boil the eggs some they are ready and on hand too. You don’t want to get to the end of salad making and then find you’ve cracked a raw egg over the top of the greenery. Blanch the green beans so they a little less than crunchy. The rest of the ingredients are fine as it comes, so place big lettuce leaves around the bowl/plate. Throw in the rest in an orderly fashion. My advice is, beans, tuna, potaoes, olives, tomatoes and eggs (once cut) can be place around the edges. Then sprinkle with capers and chopped basil. The salad dressing doesn’t take long, so you can do this at the end, or whenever you’ve got the time in the middle. Serve with crusty baguette and butter.

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