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Stiv Justic


(Serves 6)
• Some soft cheese recommended by the deli person
• A cracked pepper cheese
• Cevapi
• Horseradish
• Mustard
• Olives
• Crusty bread rolls
• parmesan
• rocket
• lemon
• spring onion
• ajvar [paprika relish]
• olives
• beetroot pesto
• tzatziki dip
• capacolo
• sopressa
• prosciutto
• balsamic vinegar
• pickled beetroot

First wash the rocket, the let it drain. Put Cevapi on the grill and start cooking them little buggers. Start cutting up the spring onion into long strips and put on a dish with the pickled beetroot, place this on the table. Prepare a cold meat dish with the Capacolo, sopressa and prosciutto. Put it on the table. Place the avjar in a bowl on the table. Place whole cheese wheels on the table. Look at the Cevapi, flip them around and squirt some lemon juice on there. Mix the parmesan with the rocket and add balsamic vinegar. Again, walk over to the table and place it here. While you’re there you might as well take the horseradish and mustard. By now the table should be looking pretty good when you’ve pretty much done bugger all except buy a load of crap. It’s now time to cut the rolls in half and down the middle. Once this is done maybe slice the cevapi a bit to see if it’s cooked. Squirt with more lemon juice and take it over to the table.

Now it’s time to make your Cevapi roll. To do this take a roll and in any order that pleases you put in; ajvar, spring onion, horseradish, mustard, pickled beetroot. You may use one of none or all of these. I’m greedy so I use them all, but traditionally you might have just ajvar or onions, but screw tradition, lash out. By now you have forgotten about the olives and the dips. It doesn’t matter as everyone is full and can eat them over the next few days. Wash down with a home made brew.


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