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Stiv Justic


(Makes 12 sandwiches)
• 15 Slices of ham
• I tub of olives
• 15 Slices of Capocollo
• 1 can of pineapple
• Tomato paste
• BBQ Sauce
• 1 basil plant
• 12 Slices of multi-grain bread
• 12 Slices of white bread
• 4 Big Bottles of Gingerbeer
• Peppercorn cheese

Put Ginger Beer in freezer. You’ll need a proper jaffle maker and something else to try and keep the jaffles warm while the others are getting toasted. This is because you can only toast two at a time unless you own some super magical jaffle maker that makes 12 jaffles at once. Spread tomato paste on 6 pieces of white bread then squirt on some BBQ sauce. Then place on top of this ham, cheese and pineapple. On 6 pieces of grain bread spread tomato paste. Then place on top of it capocollo, olives, cheese and basil. Match up the remaining bread to the bottom half and toast those little puppies. Keep someplace warm such a hot plate or sandwich press until all jaffles are ready to serve. Pour ice-cold Ginger Beer in a class for your guests. Give them a serve, then give them a portion of this meal.

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