A Taste Of Marilyn

A recipe blog, brought to you by some people at Marilyn & Sons.


This blog is to follow on from a book we made in 2008, titled A Taste of Marilyn. The book was the culmination of a year’s worth of Friday lunchtime recipes, chronicling what started out as an impulse, turned into a ritual, and ended up being the centrepiece of our week. A Taste of Marilyn blog documents the continuation of Friday lunch, online.

But before we dig in, there’s some explaining to do: Marilyn & Sons is a graphic design/web/advertising studio based in Prahran. Our strange little family consists of five sons: Kristian Jamieson, Gavin Willemsen, Martin Brown, Benjamin Hammond and Caroline Clements.

In January of 2008, acting upon Caroline’s suggestion, we started taking turns cooking lunch for one another each Friday. To begin with, our kitchen implements were, at best, elementary. We had a sandwich press, a microwave and a toaster. But we persevered. In time, we added a camping stove and an electric pan to the setup, and soon the warm meals were flowing steadily into our cold winter gullets.

The extended Marilyn family soon began to get involved, with brothers, mothers and friends generously coming into the office and becoming, for a short time at least, genuine Celebrity Chefs.

There were culinary highs and lows, and degrees of skill and effort that ranged from the truly herculean to the downright average, yet with each meal there was always that delightful mixture of a cook’s pride and the warm, appreciative glow that comes with a belly well filled.

So it is with great pleasure, and some trepidation, that we present to you the collection of our Friday Lunch recipes, A Taste of Marilyn.